April 20, 2014
Cameron’s authority dented as minister resigns
Poll shows support for scot independence rising
Voters, who once closed the door to ‘Yes Scotland’ canvassers, are now unbolting the locks. They talk more, agree or even sign up. A recent poll has shown that some 40 percent of Scots mull casting votes for independence
22 March 2014/ 15:12/ REUTERS, LONDON 0
Ukraine: Face to face with Russian ‘fraternal’ embrace
Those who have never been to Ukraine might think that the country is seriously divided by conflicts between its Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking parts. Unfortunately, this extremely oversimplified and rather distorted picture has been repeatedly translated not only in the Russian media, but in the foreign media as well
22 March 2014/ 15:30/ VALERIY MORKVA, 0
‘Non-Stop’: Fight or flight?
For those who are incredibly scared of flying -- I am one of them -- thrillers that take place on airplanes are always difficult to watch.
22 March 2014/ 15:45/ EMİNE YILDIRIM , İSTANBUL 0
Wenger reaches milestone in London title showdown
There would be no better way for Arsenal Manager Wenger to mark his 1,000th game in charge of Arsenal than to ruin Chelsea boss Mourinho’s unblemished home league record as Chelsea boss after the Portuguese dismissed him as a ‘specialist in failure’ last month.
22 March 2014/ 15:49/ REUTERS, LONDON 0
French billionaire Bollore brings electric hire cars to London
Facing tougher environmental regulation and growing demand for less polluting cars, automakers have been investing heavily»»
Russia holds war games near Ukraine ahead of tense poll
Merkel was initially more cautious than other Western leaders in responding to Russia’s seizure of Crimea, but has»»
Switching life tracks…
Ten years ago, Tuğba and Birhan Alakır decided to leave the city in which they had both been born. The İstanbul district»»
15 March 2014/ 16:32 / KÜRŞAT BAYHAN , ISTANBUL 0
No margin of error for Champions league hopefuls
The teams occupy four of the top six positions in the table and none can afford to lose in their pursuit of either the title»»
15 March 2014/ 16:50 / REUTERS, LONDON 0
Tapes show Erdoğan’s desire for total control
Instead of concentrating on governing the country, as is usual for prime ministers in democracies, according to the recordings»»
8 March 2014/ 16:11 / AYDIN ALBAYRAK, ANKARA 0
Trafficking abuse of Myanmar Rohingya spreads to Malaysia
Human traffickers have kept hundreds of Rohingya Muslims captive in houses in northern Malaysia, beating them, depriving»»
Life and a death sentence in rebel-held Damascus
Life in the neighbourhood, where law and order soon collapsed, veered between tragedy and comedy as Hind often taunted the»»
Vikings land at British Museum, but without the horned helmets
‘They didn’t wear horns on their helmets,’ said project curator Thomas Williams, 33, explaining one of»»
Just like mother made
Now that spring seems to have arrived in Turkey it won’t be long until we are into engagement and wedding party season»»
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