July 24, 2014
European court faults Turkey over tear gas-related death
Cameron turns to women and Eurosceptics in major ministerial shake-up
British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday pushed through his biggest government shake-up since coming to power in 2010, promoting women and Eurosceptics to senior roles in an appeal to voters in next May’s national election.
Turkish and Bangladeshi business people meet over fast breaking dinner
Business Network collaborated with the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs (BBCWE) for a breakfasting (iftar) dinner last week. The event which took place at Haz restaurant in London provided a key opportunity to cement relations between the Bangladesh and Turkish communities by illustrating the core values and initiatives that both business organisations provide to their respective members.
21 July 2014/ 08:45/ HAVVA MURAT, LONDON 0
Wave of protests against BBC ‘Biased reporting’ of Gaza crisis
Hundreds of people flooded the streets in cities across the UK, holding placards and chanting against the BBC’s ‘pro-Israel biased’ coverage of the on-going conflict between Israel and Hamas.
21 July 2014/ 09:00/ HAVVA MURAT, LONDON 0
Sencar: Undecided voters key to determining Turkey’s new president
Sencar also said that Prime Minister Erdoğan is in an advantageous position as he uses all public resources to his own favor. “However, the presidency is not a done deal for Tayyip Erdoğan. I am sure he does not see the presidency as guaranteed, and that’s why he is working flat out to get it,” he said.
21 July 2014/ 09:10/ YONCA POYRAZ DOĞAN, İSTANBUL 0
The 10 best castles in Turkey
Flick through brochures offering holidays to Turkey and the impression you’ll get is of a country perfect for sunbathing,»»
Golden Island Film Festival launch in North London
A new international film festival in the Eastern Mediterranean named, Golden Island International Film Festival (GIIF) held»»
British children’s books don’t reflect cultural diversity, Laureate says
British children’s books still don’t reflect the cultural diversity of the country’s children and would-be»»
21 July 2014/ 09:15 / SIMON FALUSH, LONDON 0
Israel orders ground offensive in Gaza; heavy shelling on border
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday instructed the military to begin a ground offensive in Gaza, an official»»
18 July 2014/ 14:48 / REUTERS, JERUSALEM 0
President approves legal framework for Kurdish settlement
President Abdullah Gül approved a law on Tuesday to authorize peace talks with the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party»»
16 July 2014/ 13:31 / TODAY'S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL 0
Zaman Arabic aims to be online paper of reference
Zaman Arabic, a new online newspaper from the Zaman Media Group, was launched on Monday in an effort to provide news about»»
KKTC still hopeful for a solution within 2014
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) President Derviş Eroğlu's special advisor and spokesperson, Osman Ertuğ, is optimistic»»
Israel approves Egyptian-proposed Gaza truce, Hamas rejects it
Israel approved an Egyptian-proposed deal that would halt the week-old Gaza shelling war on Tuesday but the Palestinian territory's»»
Turkey steps up measures on border as Kurds, ISIL clash in Syria
Turkey has stepped up defense on the border with Syria as Kurds and militants of the al-Qaeda splinter Islamic State of Iraq»»
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