July 30, 2015
'Islamic State' video purports to show beheading of US journalist
No sign of Gaza talks breakthrough as ceasefire nears end
Talks in Cairo on ending the Gaza war showed no signs of a breakthrough on Monday, with Israel and the Palestinians entrenched in their demands hours before the expiration of a five-day ceasefire.
Erdoğan uses Gaza as domestic policy instrument
Whether he is donning the Palestinian shawl or making the four-finger Rabia salute, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is always attempting to gain support from voters who are sensitive to this issue, says this week’s guest for Monday Talk, but he has not taken a single concrete step concerning the situation in Gaza.
11 August 2014/ 08:35/ YONCA POYRAZ DOĞAN, İSTANBUL 0
Minister Sayeeda Warsi resigns over ‘morally indefensible’ Gaza policy
Sayeeda Warsi, a senior minister in Britain’s Foreign Office, resigned on Tuesday, accusing Prime Minister David Cameron’s government of taking a “morally indefensible” approach to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.
11 August 2014/ 08:47/ WILLIAM JAMES, LONDON 0
Lights go out across Britain, 100 years on from World War One
Lights across Britain switched off for an hour on Monday night in a tribute to the dead of World War One inspired by the prophetic observation of Britain’s foreign minister on the eve of war 100 years ago.
11 August 2014/ 08:45/ TESS LITTLE, LONDON 0
South Africa detains one of Britain’s ‘most wanted fugitives’
A South African court on Monday remanded convicted British drug trafficker and fraudster Martin Evans, a phoney ostrich farmer»»
Scotland’s pro-independence camp betting on TV debate to win votes
Supporters of Scottish independence are hoping leader Alex Salmond’s performance in a U.S.-style television debate»»
Victoria Beckham dress sale to benefit African mothers with HIV
Fashion designer and former pop star Victoria Beckham is giving away 600 pieces of clothing, including several evening dresses,»»
11 August 2014/ 08:37 / KATIE NGUYEN, LONDON 0
Visiting sacred Cave of Hira
We stand at the foothills of Jabal an-Nour, the site of the Cave of Hira. We are preparing for a 45-minute uphill climb.»»
11 August 2014/ 08:32 / SAIM ORHAN, MECCA 0
‘Wish I Was Here’ Be careful what you wish for
Braff’s ruminations on life, love and self-realization don’t exactly translate onto the big screen; sadly they»»
11 August 2014/ 08:30 / EMINE YILDIRIM, İSTANBUL 0
Britain cuts EU migrants’ access to welfare payments
Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday set out new welfare rules to cut access to social security payments for migrants»»
Hammond says Ebola outbreak ‘a threat’ to Britain
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said he would hold a top-level government meeting to discuss the outbreak of the highly-infectious»»
African girls to sue British Airways over alleged abuse by pilot
Girls and young women who allege they were sexually abused by a British Airways (BA) pilot in African schools and orphanages»»
If politics go wrong in Afghanistan, what happens to the economy?
The June 14 runoff between Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, who took the first two places in the first round,»»
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